Monday, June 13, 2011

The Republican Debate Rebuttle

Tonight's GOP debate was mature, professional and of course, completely devoid of anything resembling a rational, workable plan for the future. The same rhetoric we've heard over and again was shelled out in bulk. Tax cuts, reinstatement of DADT, privatizing Medicare, a Constitutional Amendment banning marriage equality and the fear of Muslims permeated tonight's spectacle of sheer ignorance and deceit.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, which, of course, describes the GOP platform. They want to return to the policies that led to the current financial mess we are in (as mentioned in my preamble). Tax cuts don't create jobs. Companies will not move jobs back here if you put more money into their pockets. They will simply keep the cash. DADT is unconstitutional, and most people supported the repeal. Privatizing Medicare is a horrible idea, as it gives even more money to private corporations, and screws those who have paid into the program. DOMA/an amendment banning marriage equality is not what the American people want, and it violates the Equal Protection Clause. Michele Bachmann, someone who supports 23 foster children and receives government assistance, is against government assistance for others.

But perhaps the most disturbing comments this evening came from Herman Cain, regarding his stance on Muslims and 'sharia law'. He made it abundantly clear he believes no Muslim can be trusted, and that their very presense in our society is leading to sharia law in our courts. There's nothing more that can be said on this issue other than Herman Cain is a racist bigot.

The GOP also made it clear that they would rather the US Default on its debt than raise the debt ceiling. As much as I don't think we should be borrowing at the rate we are, default is not a viable option. We should raise the ceiling and then restructure our budget. Spending needs to be reigned in, and we can do this by closing our overseas military bases and cutting foreign aid. We have enough problems in this country to solve.

We need to invest in infrastructure and education. We need to offer incentives to companies to invest in jobs here, such as tax CREDITS for those who create jobs, not just tax cuts for no reason. We need to start building things again, such as high-speed electric rail along the coasts. There's no reason to fly between New York and Baltimore, for example. We need Universal Health Care. We need to invest in renewable energy... we can start by solarizing all homes. It's not that hard to do, IF we focus on it.

But I digress. The clear winner tonight, I believe, was Michele Bachmann. She clearly demonstrated she is firm in her beliefs, and she proved that she is not Sarah Palin.

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