Monday, July 19, 2010

Unemployment Benefits and Republicans

I'm convinced Republicans have no souls. The sheer hypocrisy they continue to exhibit is sickening, and their lack of human decency is so blatantly apparent that it makes me wonder how in the hell these people have supporters. Republicans are trying to block the extension of unemployment benefits, claiming that it will add too much to the deficit. So let's look at this; millions of people lost their jobs because pathetic Republican leadership and deregulation caused our economy to nearly collapse, and Republicans want to deny them benefits. Where is the decency?

The Republicans preach about cutting the deficit and reducing spending, yet offer no solutions. They claim that extending benefits would add to the deficit, so the extension should be blocked. Here's an idea: pull out of Iraq and stop wasting money on blowing people up. That's a great way to stop wasting money.

What REALLY amazes me, and this really is astonishing, is that Republican voters are primarily from the demographic in the aforementioned paragraphs. It's amazing that Republicans draw on support from the very people they protect the least. It angers me that people with no sense of human decency, no compassion, and no real idea what the real world is like are the ones drawing support from the people to whom they continuously say, "screw you, you're on your own." This political party who supposedly stands for personal responsibility and small government are the first to call upon government to solve the problems of say, oh, business... something from which they would like government to stay away. Logic does not exist within the Republican Party.