Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Brother Wrote This... So Proud.

While the death of Osama Bin Laden has sounded across the world, I have felt compelled to write down what this actually means. For one, my instinctual reaction when I first learned of this was "Ok….now what?". To see people marching in the streets chanting "USA! USA!" is not a sign of patriotism, but merely just sensationalism. It is disgusting to see us cheering at the death of an individual, that makes us NO better than the people we've said we're set out to destroy. We have been told OBL was the mastermind and organizer of the 9/11 attacks in which 3000 US citizens were murdered. While I do not feel like bringing up the controversial events of who was really behind 9/11, it is important to understand how it was used as the United States' excuse to barge in to the Middle East.

While OBL may have been the head of Al Qaeda, to think that just because he is out of power now will stop these "terrorists" from anything is just plain foolish. To think of the amount of new hatred we have spawned over there now; we have just fueled the fire of those who hate us. Hate begets hate. It is not like killing a tapeworm where you remove the head and the rest falls. It is more like stopping cell multiplication, no matter how many you stop, more will emerge. To erase a type of people based on their thought is ludicrous, and the BILLIONS of dollars we have spent, and THOUSANDS of troops that have died, and the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Afghani, Iraqi, and Pakistani civilians we have MURDERED to find ONE individual is simply appalling. The media has completely obscured the publics view to think that millions of people die from terrorist acts every year, when in reality, the number is a few thousand at best. No one mentions the millions that die from heart disease every year, or the hundreds of thousands that die in car accidents. All that money that could be spent going to research for heart disease and safer cars is being thrown into the stupidity of more firearms, more ammunition, and leaving these problems to be solved by dick-waving politicians.

Now, I remember back when I was about 12 years old when we first declared we were going to war in Iraq. And my reaction was the same as the general population…"uh, why?". Many believe that it was to remove Saddam from power. While he was an evil dictator, America always has this instinctual reaction to think we have to step in and save everybody and make everything our issue. Saddam has been dead for how long now? 7 or 8 years? Mission accomplished 8 years ago? Now people would think that we would retreat from Iraq given this, but nope we stayed. Then we said we're staying until we can establish a democracy there, nope, we stayed. What most people do not realize is the US has built the largest embassy in history in Iraq; one the size of Vatican City. The billions that went into that project is mind bending. We have set up an establishment in Iraq, and we are not going anywhere for a very long time.

And just a few months ago, we declared a new war on Libya. Again, led by an evil dictator, the UN decides to act by means of violence to remove Gaddafi which is the biggest hypocritical social statement I've ever heard. The UN, a NON VIOLENT GROUP decided to act in violent means towards Libya.

Now Iraq and Libya, as many of you know, are some of the largest oil reserves in the world. We have established a home base in Iraq and are quickly moving our way to do it in Libya as well. Now, oil is EVERYTHING, and the Middle East in total has some 250-280 billion barrels of oil remaining. The United States uses almost 20 million barrels per DAY. Now you think we can find alternative resources but the fact is we WONT. There is ZERO money to be made. Take a look around your room. Look at everything you own, especially plastic. That is all OIL. Your toothbrush, your toothpaste, your tupperware, your computer, your chairs (given they're not wood), EVERYTHING. And if its not, what about how it gets transported to the store and your home? Traveled on an oil powered machine with 7 gallons of oil in each tire. Now, what happens when this all runs out? Not if, but when. What happens when our FINITE RESOURCE for our INFINITE GROWTH social system runs out? We fall, the whole global system crumbles. We want control of the resource we need to survive, this is no secret. Just because something is not talked about on CNN does not mean it is not happening or not true.

This ties me back into why we will never leave the Middle East. We have returned hatred with hatred and used the War in Afghanistan as our push in to establish ourself in the Middle East. If we take control of that land, we take control of that oil.

There is no conspiracy theory, and there is NOTHING more patriotic than questioning the status quo. This isn't some game or fantasy I'm making up, this is what the world IS. I may not have the solutions on how to fix everything, I don't think any of us can, but something in the system of war, violence, poverty, starvation, we live in is FUCKED.

OBL is dead, that means NOTHING. We will stay in Afghanistan, unwanted by the people there just as we have stayed in Iraq. These are our brothers we're killing. We are all people, sharing this one planet that we have. Being compelled by our petty differences all the time holds us back as a species. We are nature, we have lost that. We think everything is about power and money (when I say we, of course im not referring to everyone, just the generalization of people who don't care about anything else), and we are bred to believe everything the parental figure of government and media tells us. It conditions us to listen to it. And it becomes one of the hardest things to challenge as wrong and bullshit because the government is supposed to be there to deliver the truth. Why should they? If they have the power, and control the masses and sheep, why tell the truth? Everything is about profit and oil. No gray lines. Thats the way the world is run. And I'm not talking about people researching medicine and what not, I am speaking about the dick waving CORPORATIONS who bought and sold our world long before we realized it happened.

Im sure a lot of you are going to hate on this, and frankly I dont care. I just cannot in good conscience let this shit fly by without speaking up. I refuse to accept authority as truth rather than truth as authority. Take what you want from this, call me crazy, call me right, call me wrong, I flat out do not care, but I must speak my mind when I see the only world we have crashing and burning right before our eyes.


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