Monday, August 1, 2011

Crunch Time

I am not advocating a national default. I am not advocating chaos, pandemonium or economic damage. I am advocating that those whom we elected to represent us in government not sell out our ideals to appease the obstructionism of the GOP/TP. I have emailed Representative Rangel to not sell out our Progressive ideals for the sake of appeasing the lunatic right wing in our government. I urge everyone to contact their representatives and plead with them to stand their ground and not give in to Republican BS any longer. President Obama has gone too far... please urge Congress to not follow this.

If we default, as a nation, it will due to the Republicans creating this crisis, and the blame will be theirs and theirs alone. The debt ceiling bill is 1 sentence long. The GOP raised it 8 times under GWB without hesitation. This battle is about bringing down President Obama, as Republicans have said time and time again.

Democrats: stand your ground, and STOP giving into unreasonable, stupid and ignorant Republican demands.
Republicans: start listening to the American people, put politics aside, and start governing. Where are the jobs you promised? When will the tax cuts start creating jobs, as you so vehemently claim they do? Why do you have such a deep-seeded hatred for this president? Why do you want to continue to cut education while giving tax cuts to the wealthiest people (news flash: that's welfare)? Why do you continue to wage war against the working class in this country? GROW UP.
President Obama: do not sell out the Progressive principles because of which you were elected. Do not give in to Boehner or McConnell. They are making the choice t drive the economy into the ground. Please, sir, do not alienate those who put your into office. Your country and, subsequently, your second term depends on it.