Monday, June 14, 2010

Senate Extends Patriot Act and Tea

Here's the article:

Am I the only teadoffliberal here? The most unconstitutional legislation ever passed by our Congress gets extended due to the Democractic Party (I'm sure the GOP was unanimous in favor of the extension, but that's no shocker). If this isn't an indicated we need to change our elected officials, I don't know what is. These people are voting to restrict our rights... but my bigger question is, where are the Tea Party protests? Where are these self-proclaimed Constitutional crusaders? Why are they not out on the National Mall, picketing and screaming about how their rights are being limited? Oh right, because it keeps the terrorists at bay, and of course, affordable health care is far more frightening than warrentless wiretaps and suspension of Habeus Corpus, to briefly scratch the surface.

To the Democrats: true progressives would never support the Patriot Act. True progressives would fight for the collective goodwill, and be more concerned with energy independence and civil rights than with expanding a piece of legislation that allowed our previous president to authorize and ADMIT to using torture... and get away with it. True progressives would lead this country in innovation and new industry and not sell out to corporate lobbyists. Grow a pair or let someone else have your job.
To the Republicans: you are far too predictable, and you clearly don't care about the American people (ok maybe just the really rich ones with CEO before their names). Your principles are centered around what benefits you financially and what keeps people scared. Stop using religion as a political ploy, it has no place in secular politics. Stop preaching hate and intolerance. Stop treating gay people as sub-citizen to cover your own hidden desires and adulterous behavior. Stop spreading lies... about everything. Do your job to uphold the Constitution or get the hell out of Congress.

I'm not sure which angers me more... the Democrats castrating themselves, or the growing political movement (Tea Party) that prides itself on Constitutional values saying nothing about legislation, enacted by and voted upon by THEIR party, that causes their Constitutional rights to get more and more limited. There is only one conclusion that can be drawn by intelligent members of our species; the Tea Party is a fraudulent, hate and fear-based cult that is being fed by the mainstream media and is being led by elected officials; elected officials who have encouraged violence against our government. Traitors, plain and simple. This group of scared, old and fat white people on Social Security who decry government programs is a sham, and it's really quite sad. It's sad that these people have nothing more to cling to than a sringe of insulin and ugly hats. It's sad that they absorb and thrive upon the insane rhetoric of sociopaths like Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Eric Cantor and Glenn Beck. It's sad that the Bible is their Constitution. But the saddest thing by far is that this group of people, who claim to love their country and fellow citizens, demonstrate nothing but hatred, ignorance, disdain for the US and bold-faced bigotry. Ironically, though, it's satisfying knowing that the bigger the Tea Party movement gets, the more progressives will be elected in the general election.

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