Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obama's Speech - My Brief Reaction

President Obama gave his first speech from the Oval Office tonight. He had a chance to not only excite the Democratic base with a new energy policy, but a chance to assure all Americans that he was in control of the federal response to the Gulf oil crisis. He failed. His speech was empty, less a few lines about needing to reduce our addiction to oil. He offered no progressive energy policy, no solutions as to how to prevent this sort of catastrophe from happening again and no concrete vision for the future, be it the next 2 years or the next 20. He mentioned we will be capturing 90% of the oil in the coming days, but failed to mention how this will be accomplished or where these numbers originated. He ended the speech suggesting we pray for the Gulf.

Prayer does nothing. We need real action. Yes, Mr. President, we know you'll make BP pay for the damage they caused. There need to be long-term consequences. BP needs to fork over a check, and be done. BP should then be banned from doing business within the United States. Forever. Furthermore, the US Government should control our vast oil reserves. This is the only way to ensure that private corporations will adhere to federal guidelines whilst extracting crude oil. Private oil companies should not control our nation's oil reserves. Yes, Mr. President, the American people deserve to know why companies aren't true to their word regarding safety, and why the MMS has had no oversight for the past decade, at least. Yes, Mr. President, a moratorium on deepwater drilling in order to make sure companies' safety procedures is a good temporary solution, but it's not a cure.

Dear Mr. President,

Why did you approve offshore drilling based on "assurances?" From whom did you get these assurances of safety and standards? We need a comprehensive energy policy to carry us into the future. We can not end our dependence on oil without an attainable, sustainable or enforceable alternative. Sir, you speak of a clean energy future, but the only solution you've offered a Cap and Trade bill which won't pass the Senate. I agree that making our homes more energy efficient and our cars more fuel efficient is a start, but it's too small of one. We need to transform HOW we generate energy and power. New homes should be required to be solar-powered. Small businesses should be encouraged to produce solar panels, wind turbines and other green technologies. These are things we are more than capable of doing, so LET'S FUCKING DO THEM.

Mr. President, I admire you and I respect you. But tonight, you seriously disappointed me and many more of your supporters. You said "we know we'll get there." How? Lead us; be a beacon of innovation and technological enlightenment. You mention how we're giving away $1Billion per year to foreign nations, yet we do nothing here to enhance our energy independence. You need to take control. You need to get mean. You need to lose your cool. Be our leader. Be our lion. Be our warrior into a future of energy independence and innovation. Inform the people of and assert your power as Commander-in-Chief.

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